Reverse Margin™

Abutments and Prosthetics

Order Reverse Margin™
Abutments and Prosthetics

Dentists and Laboratory Technicians:

Offer your patients a healthier treatment option
to reduce risk factors for peri-implant disease.



To order Reverse Margin Abutments and Prosthetics, including the new Zirconia Hybrid Reverse Margin Abutment, please contact:

Diamond Dental Studio, Design and Milling Centre

Dentists may order Reverse Margin Products directly from their favorite Dental Laboratory.

Access the portal to collaborate with Reverse Margin Design Specialists and use your existing technology.

This will ensure that Dentists will receive quality authentic Reverse Margin products designed to keep their patients safer.

Dr. Svoboda invites Dental Laboratories from around the Globe to register their facilities as "Go To" Sources for Reverse MarginTM Products.

Diamond Dental Studio Design & Milling Centre
[email protected]
Toll Free: 1-888-337-5223


Reverse Margin is a Registered Trade Mark of CSD Connection Systems for Dentistry Inc.
The Reverse Margin Abutment Design has been granted Patent Protection in the USA & Canada, with Patents Pending in Europe & India.